Why would you want to switch form Apple to Android?

I am always surprised regarding this Apple hostility and Google credibility, especially in Germany. Especially with the rampant typical German paranoia about technology, in particular, anything related to the Internet and US companies. I work in the IAAS, PAAS, SAAS area with a strong relation to technology, marketing and yes also the legal part to it (commonly known as GDPR or in Germany DSGVO), and worked among other things also for Google. A worse data Kraken than Google can hardly be found, even Microsoft or Facebook are not close to where Google is. The oh-so-expensive Apple devices are in their ecosystem and just work. They are also min. Five years actively supported with timely updates, while in contrast, even the Android Flagship models lose support in any time after one year at the latest, not be updated any longer after most 1-2 further Android releases down the road.
I also had problems with Apple devices, but the build quality is still the best on the market (yes, there are equally well-built Windows or Android devices, but that will cost just as much).

I have even started with Android smartphones (Back in 2012 with A Sony Ericsson Arc S), and had earlier on any computer I build or woned Windows or Linux. Any change back is entirely out of the question for me, on the contrary, even my over 60-year-old mother now has an old iPhone. I get a new one of my phone provider every 18 months, and every three years a new one of my employer, as well as my sister, made the transition from a Windows 10 Phone (which were a far better alternative to iOs devices than any Android Device).

The only consequence: I am no longer annoyed with ” Support ” questions 5+ times a day because some dumb app drives some stupid popup or something does not work, or any app has changed any setting.
Furthermore all the apps I have bought can be used by both my mother and my sister without any problems, all photos are automatically backed up, and everything can be followed up, settings can be corrected and I can even look for the phone and places 300km or 2000km distance (if I would want to, and it would have been enabled). The next purchase is a new MacBook Pro for me (the old one gets my sister) a MacBook air or iPad for my mother, and an Apple watch for me and another one as a  health monitor for my mother.

Everything is integrated in the same ecosystem and super easy to activate or upgrade  and set up, without cables, just place the devices next to each other and enter a password once.

So I’m just wondering how articles like this one on SPON, promoting cables, adapters and different only half working apps would make anyone want to switch from an iPhone to an Android Device?

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