Feral youth gangs in Dublin – a racist issue or a wider problem?

Currently, there is a huge discussion in Ireland regarding feral youth gangs attacking, robbing, mugging people and destroying public property, without consequences.

This has been an ongoing issue for years, but it is becoming more prevalent in the public mind with the rise of delivery drivers for deliveroo, justeat, ubereats on bicycles being attacked. In these jobs a lot of foreign students work, which means in Dublin a lot of Brazilians, as there is a huge community of expat Brazilians, who come to study, restricting them to 20 hours a week and as most of them study English, they are restricted to the lower end of the job market.

There is an article in the Irish Times here and a discussion in the Dublin Expat Facebook group regarding this here. (discussion was deleted unfortunately )

So naturally, they are prone to attacks here and combine that with a history of a lot of the population here looking down on them and abusing them with rent and living situation, and a bias towards them to being loud and party prone ( I don’t condone this stereotype, but it is there).

There is now even a tradition among the youth to steal, crash and burn cars on St. Patrick days, the guards just write down the number plates, and tow the wrecks, nothing else happens. (I’ve got a foto of this from 2016 on my Instagram, as we saw this from a  friends balcony.)


Some examples in the media about the ongoing and current issues:





I think the feral youths are a general problem, they’re not racist in their targeting, even if they use racist slurs the problem is their socialization, parents who don’t care and have no culture combined with a severe lack of education and no consequences for them. In fact, the guards do shit, the buses stop going. That gives them a feeling of power in a world that does not need them or their parents and there they have the feeling they have no future. The lack of consequences for these thugs is appalling and those need to happen.

The Netherlands had similar issues in some cities, the thing that helped was a zero tolerance policy by the police and legal system combined with offers of help and education and integration. Regarding the topic of racism against Brazilians in Dublin and Ireland that is certainly a huge issue as well, and it needs to be tackled, including slum landlords and employers paying below minimum wage, however that is not part of the feral youth gang problem here. Comparing other countries or stereotyping people does not help either, neither are all Irish kids thugs nor are all Brazilians nice nor are all Irish people drunks. Does something need to happen? Yes. Will, the government makes it happen? Probably not.

Our best bet as a society is actually to create groups in the big tech companies forcing them to acknowledge the problem and put pressure on the government. It worked with LGBT and reproductive rights. Let’s tackle a lack of education and violent youth gangs as well.

Nothing will change if we don’t do something as a community ourselves.

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