Make your voice heard. Vote!

So today I wanted to talk to you about a few things which are connected. A lot of us have made a home in Ireland, and a lot of us are young and engaged, either in volunteer work or we have causes who ring close to us at heart. These can range from Animal, LGBTQ* … Continue reading Make your voice heard. Vote!

Food – Eating in Ireland

Especially in Germany, there is still the strong rumor that food in Ireland would be extremely expensive. This seems to be mainly instigated by people who have been on vacation here during the Celtic Tiger or before. In short, it's not true and utter bolloggs. What is true however is that the average quality of … Continue reading Food – Eating in Ireland

Switching jobs in Ireland – Revenue issues.

Some may know I recently made a job move ( my 3rd switch ) in Ireland and as every time before I ran into issues with revenue here. It is usually easily sorted if you get to the point to sort it, that is. However, anyone you'll speak to here will either experienced himself issues … Continue reading Switching jobs in Ireland – Revenue issues.

Irish pastime activities – Rallye

Moving to a foreign country and in this case, Ireland will leave you with the task to make new friends, and there is nothing easier than doing this via shared hobby. Yes, you can always go to the local pub for a nice pint or Irish coffee and if your lucky local life music, but … Continue reading Irish pastime activities – Rallye

Basic costs for renting and living in Ireland

The subject today will be the cost of living in Ireland Renting a home: Renting is like in Germany very dependent on where you live, in Dublin, it is comparable with Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt/Main. That will allow you to rent an acceptable two bedrooms apartment for about 1800 Euros per month. Outside of the … Continue reading Basic costs for renting and living in Ireland