Make sure your passwords and email addresses are safe

In light of the recent data breach, I thought let’s share this tool again. You only need to enter your email address and check if it has been breached, you’ll see if what data breaches and at what point in time. Again I can only emphasise to use 2FA and use save passwords. Meaning avoids names, dates and easy words.

One neat trick to create save passwords is using songs titles first or the last letter of every word (or switch that up) and switch letters to numbers and add special characters. So z becomes a 2 a s a 5 or $ an e might be €.

As an example let’s use the Beatles song:

All You Need is Love





Obviously, this is very short so you might is another song title or a longer one.

Another good option are password managers like the iOS MacOS one.

Another advice would be to use a dedicated not publicly shared email address for financial and insurance institutions and a specific one for services you sign up and another one you share publicly to be contacted.

With Gmail, you can actually connect these so you don’t have to manage several emails on a day to day basis.

You can check your email address here:

Has my email address been compromised?

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