Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl is a tabletop system from Games Workshop and plays in an alternate version of the fantasy world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Though younger players may be more familiar with it due to the computer games or Fantasy Flights now Out of print card game. Blood Bowl is a mix of an American football … Continue reading Blood Bowl

Dungeons&Dragons Parker Board Game

Dungeons and Dragons The Dungeons and Dragons franchise is originally one of the oldest Pen and Paper role-playing games ever, and there is a myriad of accompanying products, including several board games. This Introduction will cover the Parker board game, and it's two expansions. This is a clone of the old MB Heroquest with a … Continue reading Dungeons&Dragons Parker Board Game

A general Netiquette for Miniatures Wargaming

1. Easily identifiable miniatures (WYSIWYG). 2. Assembled, correctly painted and painted miniatures. 3. Be Polite. 4. You have fellow gamers, not enemies. 5. Ask the owner before touching other miniatures. 6. Always bring your own dice, stencils and tape measure. 7. Have your army list in a clean and comfortable to read form. 8. Have … Continue reading A general Netiquette for Miniatures Wargaming

Crimson Skies

  Crimson Skies is a tabletop simulating the aerial combat of propeller airplanes and zeppelins in an alternate Earth of 1937. The back ground focuses on the North american continent, where the USA fell apart after the 1st World War and is now composed of smaller states and powers similar to Europe. The Car and … Continue reading Crimson Skies

What Boardgames can do for Teambuilding.

This is a slightly updated older article I published two years ago on LinkedIn.Whoever knows me is probably aware that I am very fond of Boardgames, and on the danger of sounding elitist I don't mean Monopoly with this.I thought I'd share why I believe there are more to Boardgames and why they can be … Continue reading What Boardgames can do for Teambuilding.