Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl is a tabletop system from Games Workshop and plays in an alternate version of the fantasy world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Though younger players may be more familiar with it due to the computer games or Fantasy Flights now Out of print card game.

Blood Bowl is a mix of an American football and Rugby simulation that combines fantasy miniature wargaming with this sport and results in a board-based tabletop game.

This game has been around since the 80s and has a cult following. GW released a re-iteration in 2016, the 5th edition if counting the Living Rulebook and the 4th edition of a boxed game. The current version is readily available, along with several extra products like different Teams, Cards and Pitches (fields) and books, which bring different things to the game, like weather and ground effects, Cheerleaders and audience, as well as allowing you to play campaigns.

The players are alternate with their team’s turn, is played on a board that is divided into 4 square fields and in 8 zones two halves each with a middle, a right and a left zone, and a goal zone at each end.

Dice rolls are made using special 6-sided dice, regular D6, and a D8 (an 8 sided dice) depending on the game situation.

There are also coach markers that allow you to repeat dice rolls and contest rules or allow you to cheat or call. You can also have Medics, Cheerleaders, Trainers and so forth.

Pretty much every imaginable Warhammer Fantasy army is present, too many to list here. It is essential to keep in mind this is not based on Age of Sigmar, but really on the classic WHFB. However official Miniatures are currently released for Elves, dwarfs, Skaven, Goblins, and Orks and Humans, the latter two are also included in the base game.

The rules can be bought either in the box with the board, and the required templates and dice or you can use one of the Living rulebook versions, which are available to download. You can buy extra fields, called pitches, and obtain Dice sets. However, the necessary rulers and templates and basic cards are all only available officially in the base game.

All in all, Blood Bowl still contests for one of the best-designed Miniatures games and there are leagues and dedicated players everywhere.

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