Dungeons&Dragons Parker Board Game

Dungeons and Dragons

The Dungeons and Dragons franchise is originally one of the oldest Pen and Paper role-playing games ever, and there is a myriad of accompanying products, including several board games.

This Introduction will cover the Parker board game, and it’s two expansions.

This is a clone of the old MB Heroquest with a different License. Heroquest will be covered in a future article as well.

The board game is suitable for 2-5 players, one player is the Dungeon Master, which takes on the role of the narrator, as well as the evil creatures. Then there are four heroes (with the expansions being 6 of them) which are distributed among the remaining players.

Each hero now has two actions per round that can be used to open a treasure chest, finding traps, defusing traps, move, open a door, or fight the monsters.
The game order is re-determined every round, utilizing five cards.
Played on variable cardboard plans with cardboard and a few designed pieces of cardboard.
In addition to special dice, various cards are included, and by means of this one can equip his hero with better equipment in the course of one or more games.

As an opponent, there are a lot of monsters with different values and attributes available.

The adventures in the primary game are linearly designed, and you can play them individually, or one after the other or as a campaign, as well as a clear adventure plan is included using which you can create your own adventures.

Each adventure contained has simple instructions and an introductory and text to be read before or at the end of each adventure (or both).

The two extensions introduce new heroes, opponents, objects and terrain parts as well as floor plates. Also included in each are new adventures and campaigns.



Lots of beautiful parts
Catchy and easy rules.
Long-term interest through expansion and the possibility to design your own adventures.


Price because partly very high because of them being no longer available
Not balanced between the Dungeon Master and the Heroes (in favor of the Heroes)

Both the basic game and the extensions are only needed.
The game is very simple, and also suitable for younger children.


Similar to the Tabletop series I’ll introduce in this series board games I own and play.


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