Learning and why a company should actively encourage and enable it for their employees

If you know me, you’re probably aware that I’m a huge advocate for services like Linkedin Learning , Team Treehouse and the likes.  I do this besides my Job, my blogging, writing, foto and shortly vlogging endeavors. I do this at my own expense and in my own time.

The reason doing this is manifold, there is my desire to learn and my desire to advance my career. I obtain skills and hone the ones I have. This helps me to keep my mind occupied and capable of adapting to new things. It also helps to stay away from boredom.

This last weekend I went to the Dublin WordCamp 2017, a meeting with lots of talks from many interesting people, (if you follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn you already know this) and I took away so much in inspiration and direction it was well worth spending the weekend there instead of staying at home. Usually, I do other activities on the weekend, like writing, online courses, photography, boardgaming, and cooking. Sometimes I also spent an Afternoon on Netflix or Youtube.  Youtube can also be a source of learning and inspiration; there are many great YouTubers there showing your skills and even teaching courses.

You can also avail with most of the paid services for free versions or test periods. However I see so many people stopping learning and being content there they are, which is something that I cannot relate too. A lot of companies are already or starting to include in their benefits for their employees the possibilities to learn, and I think it’s one of the most important ones. It’ll help you grow, it’ll help you keep an open mind, and it’ll also help the company if you obtain new skills.

I think actually in many companies Management should more become a mentorship for employees, enabling them to build their career and skills. If a company trains their employees and offers career tracks and paths they will retain people who have new skills, maintain their initial investments. If they do not provide or help employees to build their career or lock them down with artificial periods, especially with high demand skills and in fast-growing industries, these employees will move on. Just because there is always another company, who will offer them a better position with more money. In our fast-paced society, there is no retention because of loyalty any longer, in both directions. An employee offers a product, and a company buys it. However, this product (the employee) is not having a shelf life. Instead, it is obtaining new versions, and at some point, it wants to move on. It’s up to you to retain the initial investment and accepting that employees move on internally, or if they move outside, you lose that initial investment and have to train a replacement, who most likely will also move on.

So what are your thoughts? Do you agree? Do you use your companies learning offers? Do you offer your employee career-building learning? Do you learn by yourself?


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