Why the printed press in Germany is dying – an example.

And here is an example of bad journalism without any research:


The article is nonsense to go no more. The subjective feeling of a need for security is important to people. T just discard that and then throw with stereotypes, is just disgusting, almost borderline racist and cliché. Usually, if a Journalist would disagree with something like that, they’d look for the cause and offer constructive critics also known as solutions.

Then the section about cowcatchers simply shows of dramatically bad research and that the author makes up the description altogether from his mind. They are, for over ten years already, strictly prohibited in passenger cars in the EU. (Since the beginning of 2006, a ban on cowcatchers has been imposed in the EU for newly registered vehicles of class M1 (passenger cars) with a maximum permissible mass of 3.5 tonnes.)
But the main stupid clichés are somewhere, and Clickbait is produced.
Furthermore, SUV is subject in the EU to the same regulations as all other passenger cars especially in regards the protection of pedestrians and cyclists …
I assume the author is one of these cyclists for whom crossing the lanes, intersect pedestrians with 40 km / h and for which no traffic rules are valid because you are cycling…

And h ye,s cow catchers do make sense if at all in Texas, since various herds and cows wander off at times and accidents are caused.

@Jens Tartler and Tagesspiegel who has paid for this nonsense?

Maybe once again go to journalism school and do a course in fact-checking.

One Google search and clicking on a Wikipedia link would have spared you this embarrassment.

I drive by the way not an off-road car but a station wagon because I need a large Car needs with transport capacity and an older convertible for fun. Both gasoline and not Diesel powered.

I also do not have an overriding need for security and no children I could drop off anywhere.

Nonetheless, I bad journalism is infuriating me. Because of people like you, the population has just no more confidence in the press. The younger generation not anyways, because of the memories of all the witch hunts since the 80s against gamers. And the Internet forgets nothing.
It is just over with the print monopoly, and people have alternatives. And for “journalism” like this, I’m not willing to pay money.


Do youn agree? Do you disagree? Let me know.

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