Irish pastime activities – Rallye

Moving to a foreign country and in this case, Ireland will leave you with the task to make new friends, and there is nothing easier than doing this via shared hobby.

Yes, you can always go to the local pub for a nice pint or Irish coffee and if your lucky local life music, but maybe your liver and wallet will be grateful if you don’t do that every day. If you live in the countryside, there will be a lot of different choices, like archery, horseriding, fishing and hunting to name the more common ones. But nothing there like a sport you can participate or watch with the local community.

I was lucky enough to live outside of Galway for 1 and 1/2 years, and during this time there happened a lot, and one of the things literally happening outside the house I Lived in was a rally.

I have no knowledge about rallies, but they are fun to watch especially if you fire up the BBQ, get a few drinks (hot and cold on hand makes much sense – given the Irish weather) and invite a few friends and neighbors. You can even invite neighbors for some BBQ to get to know them. Especially if your country has some specialties for BBQ…

In the future, I will cover other activities you can do here to mingle with new friends.

To give you an impression of the day here is a beautiful Gallery of pictures I took in 2014:


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