Homemade Tzaziki – Vegetarian/Vegan

You will need:

500 ml of Greek style Yoghurt (Soy based if you’re vegan)
20ml Olive oil
20 ml Lemon juice
2 fresh pieces of Garlic
A pinch of Salt
1 Cucumber

You will need the following tools:

Sharp knife
Cutting Board
Garlic press
Big spoon
One clean kitchen towel.

Add the Oil, Lemon juice, and yogurt into the bowl. Cut the garlic and remove the inner roots. Press the Garlic and add it to the ingredients. Clean the Cucumber and cut off the ends. Grate it into small pieces. Take the grated Cucumber and put it in the center of the kitchen towel. Now fold the corners of the kitchen towel in and make a bag from it. Now press the juice out of the cucumber as much as you can. Once done add the Cucumber to the bowl. Mix everything with the spoon and let sit over night in the fridge.

You can add Coriander if you like and serve chilled.


Enjoy 🙂

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