Why I love being creative.

Among my interests are Photography and drawing. And obviously writing, as you my dear reader can see here.

I love these creative outlets and would not want to miss them. I do not need fancy new things for these, my camera in an example is almost six years old and only my third (D)SLR camera in total. Though I am a very tech person and love techy and new gadgets, I care more about the creative process in taking a picture or a making a drawing.

If you know me and read past articles that might be actually a surprise.

For me, these creative endeavors provide an outlet for my thoughts and the possibility to create. Creating things by bringing them on paper (or nowadays on a screen) is like freezing a moment in time. It gives one the ability to take a moment and change it to how I want it to be or how I think it should be, and then I can share it with other people, or keep it for me. I thought about these things a lot in the last years, and they have helped me to deal with life and find different perspectives.

As art bans a moment in time from a certain viewpoint, one would think it’d be only one way, but one could not be more wrong. Everyone views art but what we interpret into the art is shaped by our experiences and past. So other people are interacting with a photo or a drawing. It is the most intimate form of communication. You have the artist on one end, and on the other, you have the viewer, they take what the artist shaped and interpret it with their mind with their thoughts and views. So two people might view the same piece of art, but what they see will be up to them. And while an Artist can put his being and soul in a piece of art to get a particular reaction, it is up to the viewer how he interprets and reacts. Art is therefore primarily two souls or minds interacting directly with each other, and it is not one way, an Artist will always be influenced by the reactions of the public to his art, and hence future art will be affected by the past viewers, and in turn they will affect via the artist future viewers.

For this reason, I am passionate about creating art. Be it photos, drawings or something entirely different.


So what about you do you have creative outlet? If so what is it? Why are you creative, do you share your art or do you keep it for yourself?

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