Games Workshops 40.000 App – A complete Bust.

Let’s talk about the new Warhammer 40.000 App by Games Workshop.

Let me save you some time: It’s bad. It’s really bad. Can’t put enough emphasis on that.

But why is it bad?

Well it is basically just a browser with a link depository to several pdfs. There is no actual functionality one would expect from any application at all. The codices, which are currently hidden behind the 4€ / month paywall, are old and soon outdated. On top of that they contain several dozen errors, which are in part so bad they are rendered completely useless by themselves.

The app is also only created for small screen phones, so of even less use on an iPad. It also seems this is the same issue for Android tablets.

On top of this the promised army builder is only for one game system by one company, in contrast to other products which are around for Years and even decades. Examples would be Army Builder by lone wolf and Battle Scribe who cost less a year or are only a low one-off payment in Contrast to this pricing structure. 

This app will cost you over the average life cycle of an edition of 40K about 200€ vs 3€ for a yearly vs 20€ for a lifetime license for actually available and working army builder programs which cover both hundreds of game systems.

The only potentially saving grace maybe once they adapt the app to work and display properly on Tablets / iPads and if the digital codex Version will be available with the printed one for free. Though To be frank for that a code to an iBook or Amazon Kindle book would be preferable as long as it is in the app, it ‘ll be at GWs whim to keep the access open. 

Other much smaller companies manage to provide apps and free digital rules with their print books. Hence it is very surprising what an unprofessional result Games Workshop has delivered here…

So, for now I can only advise to steer very clear from this application. I will take another look come October and the first Codices are released, and I will probably test the Army builder once it is available as well. But to be very frank I will not keep it even then, as the cost for the Army builder is not worth the amount of money Games Workshop would like to charge.

As mentioned earlier, other companies manage to do this much better. 

I get that an Application costs money especially if made for several different Devices and formats, however there is no value here. If you could track your collection, campaign play etc. it may be worth to pay for someone actually playing this game on the regular, but let’s face it those people are mostly students and the likes. People who rather buy 1-2 paints a month or a pack of glue for the same money.

All in all, this feels like it was extremely rushed by the management as there was clearly no beta testing worth mention done and 90% of the functions are completely missing. This feels more like concept study which was published. 

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