My opinion on and the effects of the GamesWorkshopo shutdown

For several reasons I do think this is the right decision.

I am actually in favour of maintaining logistics and production as far as possible and allowing people to buy one, simply for psychological reasons to convey stability and continuity.

GW as a Uk company, especially in England, the NS is so neglected and rundown by the Torries that it is unfortunately very necessary to close shop. GW can at least afford it, and I think the companies that can afford it should also do so in favour of the small companies that cannot afford it so that they can continue to work.

They also maintain their Twitch channel from the home office and have switched off several of the pay-for-content barriers, for example at Twitch. Now everyone can chat and watch the reruns. And frankly, I think it’s good if they continue to put out content. Knowing how a marketing content playout software works, I can say they don’t have much of a choice, as it is for the most part automatically created and planned months in advance.
Personally, again I think that’s good because it offers normality to people and shows that life goes on.

What would be the alternative? Should everyone sit alone and sad in their chamber now?
No, and whether you order the stuff 3-4 weeks later does not matter at all, it not only helps those companies like GW but also independent dealers when the customers suddenly spend money right after the crisis because products and demand are there and have been kept up.

That will probably enable some small shops to survive because suddenly they’ll have a massive cash flow.
GW is not just bad and evil, like a lot of people make them out to be. Without GW there would be no hobby in this form and widely available.
Now to criticize them keeping up marketing and content is just thoughtless, to say the least.

Besides, there may also be an increased demand for the still available and available products from independent dealers and shops, among other things, that is also because GW is closed for now too. This way, these existing stocks (which are essentially otherwise dead capital) can be sold easier and better, for higher prices than usual just because there are less stock and more demand.
At least that is my thoughts on it.

What are your thoughts on that? Do you agree?