Trouble finding new gaming buddies?

So you may just have started With the tabletop hobby, moved, or are returning to the hobby after a hiatus.

Anyways for some reason you’re left without gaming buddies and you might not have a store with space or similar around.

Here are some tips how to find new gamer friends. But be aware you will need to invest both time and resources. This is an endeavor that can be well worth taking it. Even under other aspects like honing your presentation skills or if you’re more of an introvert it can help you train to be more outgoing.

One other note before we get to the actual Tipps. You will want to have at least objectively nice looking terrain and miniatures. However, be prepared to take damages and losses here during demo games. If you want to show off your best minis have them protected so people can only look with their eyes, even if they want to look with their fingers. And be prepared to say “No.”. Which by the way is a complete sentence.

So coming to the actual advice how to find new gaming friends:

In general be open about your Hobby.

Offer doing demos during lunch or after work. Do mention it at work or other meetups. Meetup is also a thing try hobby crossing here as well check the pen and paper and boardgaming groups.

If there is a store near you offer to do demo games (unfortunately you will restrict yourself to games they can order and sell).  Check for churches and neighborhood associations with space, start a club. Schools, colleges and Universities are also a good starting point. If you play historic games you can also try local history groups. Veterans associations might also be a good pointer.

All of this is a lot of work. Besides the churches I’ve done everything- I’d probably burst in to flames if I entered one.

Returning to a point I briefly touched earlier. Demo-forces. Don’t overwhelm people here. Have some basic forces consisting of a hero, a standard troop, some special unit and maybe a centre peace each. Have some reading material and links ready. Ideally, a printed out flyer with links, and contact data to get in touch with you, after all, you’re trying to get new friends to play with.

Have a nice terrain selection and a play-mat. And I can’t stress this enough it needs to be nice, it does not have to be painting competition level but emptying your mums recycling bin and painting it with cheap paint from the discounter is not looking nice and people will see it as weird.

You need eye candy, so to speak, people are way more enticed to give your hobby a chance if they see something looking nice. We’re actually biologically wired to like nice looking things. Sex sells.

Which brings me to the next point. Be clean and in nice and fresh clothes. Best is business casual, though a nice T-Shirt is okay, looking like a gangster rapper or in old rags neither will entice people to give you a chance. You’re basically trying to sell them something – your hobby and yourself as a friend. So be clean wear nice and fresh clothes, and don’t eat smelly food beforehand.

Best of luck.

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