Make your voice heard. Vote!

So today I wanted to talk to you about a few things which are connected. A lot of us have made a home in Ireland, and a lot of us are young and engaged, either in volunteer work or we have causes who ring close to us at heart.
These can range from Animal, LGBTQ* Rights, Women’s rights, Education, Environmental, or whatever else. A lot of us are engaged in clubs, societies, Non-Profit organizations or via initiatives at our workplaces. However, we as Expats are often left out when it comes to politics, be they local in our councils or be they on National or International levels.

Currently a broad theme – besides Brexit – politically are the passing of specific laws regarding Internet Content, which may result in Content and Upload Filters causing self-censoring and the removal of creativity and freedom off the Internet.
You can find more information


However not all is lost we are very close to the Eu Elections, and the good news is you as an EU citizen living in Ireland can actually vote in these. All you need is to register and go and vote. The bonus is you will also be able to vote n local elections for your local councils.

With the current themes we can provide a voice against racism (Help your Deliveroo Driver), make a stand and influence Public Transport politics (Commuting for hours in overfilled Luas, DART or Busses, or stuck in traffic?) and leave our mark and help progress to a better Ireland.

And to make it easy I’ll provide you with the Necessary stuff, all you have to do is download the form print it fills it out and sends it off.

And then the time comes Vote. Make your voice heard.

Please go here:
Check if you are previously registered. If not download and print the Form EP1 here.

Fill it out and sent it off.

Please share and let your friends know to make our voices heard.

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