Canvas Eagles


Canvas Eagles, some times known as Blue Max, is a fast paced tabletop game that simulates the dogfights between Planes during World War I.

Canvas Eagles is played with 1-6 models per player on a hex map, a paper map that is divided into 6 sided square fields. The aircraft are simultaneously moved to one of each player previously secretly set route.

Fights are set to calculate a specific target number based on the values of the aircraft’s distance from the angle of attack (which in itself is very simple, but sounds complicated).

However, instead of rolling dice, you will draw paper markers.

The game is a fun, fast game for 2 or more players, which is also still inexpensive to buy, the aircraft are available from various manufacturers, you just have to decide which one you want to use.

As playable armies are all the participating nations of the 1st World War available.

The system is free to download on the internet as it is a player-based game based on the old game of Blue Max.

Miniatures can be used pretty much everything from the widespread 1/285 scale to 1/144 and 1/72 from the model is much processed.

The official site were you can print the game and rules is found here:


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