Flames of War


Flames of War is a tabletop game that reproduces the battles of World War II, it is played on landscaped terrain and is kept in scale 1/100.

The game system is based on brigades, which are divided into platoons (units).

The game system is played with D6 and the players take turn in altercation, almost only missions are played where it is necessary to achieve certain goals and to prevent the opponent from reaching their own goals.

The sequence is alternating, so that each player with his entire army’s turn (within the rules) to move, shooting and attacking. Then it’s the turn of the other player. The game system is quite catchy and fast to learn, but you have to work out the necessary tactics and strategies.

Overall, Flames of War is a game that manages to be quick and challenging, in addition, the control system is balanced and easy to learn.

The historical player will enjoy the historically close lists, as well as the theme boxes.

Suitable terrain is obtained either directly from the manufacturer, other companies or relatively inexpensive in scale H0 for the model railway.

The figures of Battlefront are relatively expensive but there are some nice alternatives.

Factions available are pretty much all participating nations and forces, differing per period and theater of war.

Ther are also three time levels Early War, Mid War and Late War, to avoid the war machine of 1945 on the 1939 existing meets and so creates an imbalance in balancing.

The figures are published and developed in New Zealand just like the rules of Battlefront, but since the scale is very common there are many alternative manufacturers.