Confrontation 3.5


Confrontation was a Skirmish Tabletop by Rackham. It died when Rackham switched from its widely high regarded Metall miniatures directed at painters, too expensive prepainted plastics.

Confrontation is played with a maximum of 20 miniatures per player on the field, but on average there were between 7 and 14 miniatures per player.

The game plays in the fantasy world Aarklash and is played on standard tabletop plates, with build terrain.

Confrontation is a game that works with scenarios (i.e., missions) where players have to achieve specific goals. The scenarios were mostly designed by fans and got a partly official character.

In the scenarios, there were a variety of unique rules and goals to accomplish, moving from landmarks, killing specific targets up to holding bridges was almost everything represented

The figures were delivered with their rules, printed on small cards, and made like the rulebooks by Rackham in France.

Usually, the ableSize is   1.2 by 0.6 meters (or 4 x 2 ft ). Players would take turns activating their characters (this is often changed by certain traits or abilities) and move them, using them as well as using magic and prayers.

At the end of a round followed the close combat phase in which the close combat is resolved.

There are the following armies in Confrontation:

Wolfen; mixes between wolf and man, but they have no human interests. They are neutral.

Devourer; Wolfen who have turned to another deity. Kind of evil but still part of the neutral factions

Tir na Bor; dwarfs who use steam power. Part of the Good factions.

Lions of Alahan; Human knights. Part of the Good factions.

Dirz; human alchemists who have turned to genetic manipulation. Part of the evil factions.

Goblins from No da kar; Goblin. Part of the Good factions.

Orcs of Bran o kor; Orcs, also part of the Good factions.

Griffons of Akkylania; human fanatics. Part of the Good factions.

Celts of Avaggdu; Celtic people. Part of the Good factions.

Celts of Sessair; Celtic people. Part of the Evil factions.

Daikinee; Wood Elves. Part of the Neutral factions.

Akkyshan; Elves. Part of the Evil factions.

Cynwäll; Elves. Part of the Good factions.

Ophidians; Reptilian Snake people. Part of the Evil factions.

Mid Nor; Demon-possessed zombie dwarfs. Part of the Evil factions.

Limbus of Acheron; Undead people who were once Alahans. Part of the Evil factions.


There seems to be currently a company, trying to revive Confrontation. The Rulebooks and cards are online available, and the miniatures are easily found, but now again OOP and will be apparently made available including their cards again within the next two years.


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