Why and how Brexit was induced by Merkel and the EU.


I have nothing against Refugees, and I personally believe we should help people fleeing war, however it is important to understand mechanisms used to manipulate the wider population.

Well, it was, not really induced but the opportunity was grabbed by Merkel and the Brussels powers. And the British rightwing completely fell for this.

Brexit was not gonna happen until Merkel and the EU opened the border for hordes of refugees from the middle east. Then the EU was trying to enforce these Refugees, invited by Merkel and the French onto other countries in the EU.

This caused in many European countries a lot of fear. It also caused a lot of the countries in the south which had after the German-enforced austerity politics strong independence movements, to rely again on the EU and Germany.  This already strengthened the EU again.

However the last 30 years the Uk has been a stone on the brakes of the EU integration, regarding financial integration, military and security integration and the political project of the United States of Europe in the long term.

Also the British justice and capital system differs vastly from the point of view continental Europe takes on these matters, as Europe’s justice and social systems are vastly based on the French Napoleonic law and the German by Bismarck implemented social security policies (which where originally intended to make socialist movements obsolete and let them implode to keep the ruling classes secure and in place. There are vast ethical and philosophical difference between the UK which still harbors resentment for losing its empire after “winning” second world war and also still not dealing with their colonial past, in contrast to continental Europe’s countries.

It’s very important to understand and keep this different background and mindset aware, then trying to understand Angela Merkel’s agenda and steps here.

Once the Black and Muslim refugees numbering in the millions pouring unchecked and unregistered into Europe mainly to Germany and building unchecked camps in France near the tunnel towards Britain, and the Media portraying these anarchic riots on the Motorways, and the French unwilling to handle this and having the Uk having to protect its border, this as intended branded a sense of threat into the mind of a lot of people who after the cold war (I’ll cover the economic downturn for the working and middle classes due to that ending in my next political article) and in the new information age lost out and are no longer relevant to the workforce.

These people are devalued everywhere on a daily basis and made to compete for artificially scarce resources, pair this with the remains of the middle-class, desperately for keeping the status quo, you get a pulver barrel ready to be lit.

So you have an opportunity created by the interference of the US industrial military complex by lighting up the middle east, a dying European idea, stuck in the status quo basically single-handedly caused by the neoconservative capitalist class of one member state (UK), and you have a group of German and French opportunists using this to cause this memberstate to leave the EU, while at the same time making a lot of countries on the verge of leave desperate for support by the EU and showing them how bad it can be if you leave.

If you understand this, you’ll see and understand, that the UK will only get a bad deal, there is no way the EU can give the UK a good or even decent deal.  On the contrary, it will break up the UK, via the speeded up reunion of Ireland, and the formation of. Scottish independent state. My personal bet is also that London will be independent within 15 years.



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