Necromunda is a Terrain heavy skirmish Tabletop game where 80s style Punk/Rock culture based Gangs are pitched against each other. If you’ve seen the classic movie Warriors, and Judge Dredd (either one) and mix those you’d get a good idea about the setting.

The game takes place in the Hives (huge cities build in towers (arcologies)) of the Industrial world of Necromunda. Each player controls a Gang which is made up of 8-15 miniatures, each with their own weapons and skills.  Usually played with lots of Terrains and on at least 2-3 levels, the game has in it’s newest iteration (the 4th, published late 2017 by Games Workshop) also an out of the box option which is based on paperboard tiles and takes place in small confined walkways and sewers.

You will need some templates, special 6 sided dice and markers, in order to play, all this and the basic rules are provided as well as some scatter terrain like barricades in the base game.

However, GW is also putting out card packs specific to each Gang. Then this article will be published there will be House Orlock, Escher and Goliath available together with special colored dice packs and miniatures. There are also supplemental books called Gang War, which will provide further rules.  You will also want to have a look out for extra rules for smaller Gangs in White Dwarf articles. This is very much the same Approach GW takes with its latest iteration of another Specialist Game Blood Bowl which I introduced ina n earlier article.

Since the newest Version is readily available from the stores, the cost of entry is fairly low and will depend if you want to have all gangs, plus the Forgeworld Resin models and weapon packs as well as if you will have to decide on buying card packs and Gang War books.

All in all Necromunda is a fast and fun game, which especially lives from its campaign modus, which will allow you to obtain new weapons, skills, and even new Gang members, thus making a bridge between Tabletop miniatures games towards Pen and Paper RPGs.

Full five stars on this one.

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