Settlers of Catan – The Dice Game

Settlers of Catan – The Dice Game.

The Settler of Catan Dice Game is a very simple variant of the well-known board game. Included are 5 5 sided dice, a block, and an instructions booklet. Each player now gets a pen in a specific color and off you go. Each player takes turns in the row and rolls the dice, each piece of raw material is taken from the rolled dice, and the player is allowed to re-roll a couple of times.
If you have the right material for the building you want to create, you can paint your desired building in your color on the block. Depending on the situation there are then victory points allocated which will be counted then everything on the sheet is fully colored



Simple rules.
Fast to play


Very high luck factor.
Finishes extremely quickly.
Dice chucking.

Conclusion: One of the worse products from the Catan family, but since it is very inexpensive, you can buy it and use it as a travel game suitable for short overlays and such.

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