Should you give your Team it’s own Brand?

The short answer will be “Hell, Yes!”

Some will be surprised by my stand on this but let me give you a little bit of background:

When I was working at LinkedIn, on the first day I joined my team on the floor, I was met with the sentence:

“By the way, your Team is Team SquidSquad.”

My thoughts could be described as “What the Fuck, that sounds like a kindergarten, what did I do joining this company?”. To me, it could have been as Team Junebug or Butterfly like German kindergarten classes are usually named. All of the three Teams in our bigger Team had their name with an attached brand, logo and even Swag like T-shirts, and Videos created. A lot of thought was put into these, by almost all the Teams we had.

It took me a while to grow and understand the significant identification this brought to team members being able to identify with their team and also build a brand quickly. But I even helped create logos for other teams, though that could have been done more professional as no software and no budget for pictures had been provided. But I digress.

The creation of own Brands had several effects, within the company we could build awareness for the team when in example projects under participation of the teams could be branded, we had even Tshirts printed, that could be worn at company events (Summer games and such come to mind). Such a difference to “Oh I’ in the Sales Team for EMEA in Dublin managed by John Doe…” Sounds better to say “I’m in Team Awesomeforce.” (If you get that reference to a current Sci-Fi series let me know, in the comments, the first person will get a small gift)

Usually, a new manager would rebrand their team as well, as they’d be a different Team, this was also a great source for them to build their brand and create a new Team spirit.

Some Teamnames we had were:

Team D.A.R.E. for Dutch Arabic, Russian, English (which were the native mother tongues spoken, by the team members made into a daring acronym).

Latin Heroes Which was used by the Spanish, Italian French, Portuguese team, using a slight cliché and also branding themselves with their heritage and as their customer’s heroes.

SquidSquad The multitasking a Squid could do with all his arms.

The Collaborators, known for helping out everywhere and focusing on projects about creating better collaboration within the company and different teams.

Other teams had their brands and logos created which saw extensive use in the company and created awareness and branding for their achievements.

So how to do that? It’s rather simple, just start doing it. Just explain to your Team what a Team brand is and ask them for name proposals, be careful to have them aware that the Name should be able to carry a brand and needs to be creative and individual. Then once you have a few proposals have your Team vote for the best three, and have a Team member design a logo and a small one sentence explanation what the brand stands for. Then you can decide with he Team which one represents you best. In the end get some T-shirts or print it out take a picture and share it in the company.

It will do loads to build you, and your Teams brand up.

If you have any comments or tips feel free to comment or drop me a message.



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