Challenge yourself to get shit done

So a few of you may have seen this post on my LinkedIn or Facebook.

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 08.37.59

To give bit more background, to this I have a goal in my life which is to create enough effortless income to allow me to stop working when I’m 45 and move on to a sailing yacht. So a few things necessary for me to succeed are making more career moves and also create things that create the income long term. One part of this is I need to get more fit. So off to the gym. Another part is this blog which is taking off good at the moment, but far from where I need it to be.

So I have to ask myself how do I have the possibility to succeed with this, what skills do I have and what can I actively do myself, because let’s face it the chance that one wins the lottery is quite small. So I need to check what skills and interests and talents I bring to the table, I also have to check my possibilities.

And maybe the most important part is I have to motivate myself, so I decided to put a bit of pressure on myself and at the same time driving some traffic to my blog. That’s why you’re reading this article at the moment.


So I will write a few articles about this, you will possibly see some more articles about reaching and setting your own goals and how to create a positive pressure on yourself, which is a form of self-mind control.

I will also go into some detail about creating income. So you can expect to see a few articles about writing and self-publishing, and use talents, and learn by yourself as well.

So some themes will cover:

– Identifying your talents
– Motivating yourself
– Setting Goals
– What is Effortless income
– Learning by yourself with a goal
– Being assertive and goal oriented
– Writing and self-publishing
– Some useful tools you may need if you want to do this yourself

– Tracking your progress


I’d also be very interested in your thoughts and comments. You can also let me know in which parts you would be interested.

So, for now, that’s it.




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