The fight against abortion and birthcontrols by conservatives is merely a symptom.

In Ireland, it’s a commonly known fact that birth control is rather hard to obtain and even chastised on. It’s even worse if you need an abortion. If you have enough money, it’s a short flight away and not a big deal, but especially if you’re in the lower income brackets, this is a real issue.

This is by far not only an Irish issue, recently the nationalist government in Poland is clamping down hard on woman’s rights and birth control.

So what’s the reason for this?

The rich use religion and political propaganda to keep the lower classes procreate and chastise birth control for the same reason.

On average the more money a family has, the lower the number of children is. Evolutionary its a resource based thing, you just don’t need as much offspring if you can bring more resources into the upbringing, it’s a quality over quantity thing.

From a societal point of view it’s that society needs worker drones. Hence you’ll have procreation promoted in any form of society:
In feudalism, you want a huge powerbase of people you can control and use for war, in capitalism you need a huge lower class you can exploit, in communism you need a lot of workers for the greater good.

In general, these are all evolutionary mechanisms, as nature does not care about the individual but only of the species. In that sense, we have an interesting development from the driven biological human to the cultural human, cultural meaning we’re making our decisions no longer based on biological and evolutionary needs, but rather on our individual philosophical views.

A little bit of irony here is that arguably the most cultural and philosophical developed people will opt to not procreate themselves. Really go and watch idiocracy.

Reasoning can differ, but if you start reflecting and not adhere to religiously influenced Morales, there is no logical reason to procreate and use resources on another human being instead on advancing ourselves.

The current technological development will let us soon melt with tech and have gene manipulation and therapy available, so we won’t need to die any longer, thus bringing the need to procreate for evolution to a screeching halt as well.

Obviously, this goes largely against the interests of the higher classes, as this will redefine material possessions as well, as if we can live digital we will be able to create simulations, and nobody will need physical possession any longer besides the tech to run things.

Due to the advances in AI, we won’t even be needed much longer to develop and create those. There are dangers, as a real AI will improve it self and program it self, Elon Musk is afraid of this, and he is to a certain degree, correct. There is no way to implement into a true AI anything like Asimov’s laws of robotics. However, I believe we’ll see a melting of Brains with technology and not only for humans but pets as well. And my guess is we’ll see this before we’ll see entirely synthetic AIs. Just have a look into prosthetics and interfacings for amputees and paralyzed, this is just the first step, and the developments for these in the last decades are truly astonishing.

In virtually all sense of it, we’ll become gods of our worlds, and this bothers and frightens the religious.
But humanity has never been able to stop progress, as progress is evolution.

We live on the dawn of a bright new age, and we see yesteryears conservative fighting a losing battle with tooth and nails.

There will be setbacks, but in the end, people have come too far, and the younger generations grew up with technology at our disposal and implemented everywhere, we also have a before unknown access to shared knowledge and information which even goes for sending and receiving. We are no longer bound by physical limitations and also no longer bound by imaginary fantasy books and old men interpreting them.

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