Entrepeneurship for everyone

If you had a look at my LinkedIn profile, you’d see that I added Entrepreneur there. So why did I do that and how can I do that? You will also notice my career and positions, and you will probably think how he can afford that with these jobs? While not starving or paid badly (for the same net salary I’d be scratching on six figures gross back in Germany), I don’t have millions to invest.

Still, I’d like to be on the edge of tech and interesting art and creative things. If you have me as a friend on Facebook or follow me on twitterme on Twitter, you’ll notice I post a lot of stuff from Kickstarter and Indiegogo and sometimes even Gofundme.

And that is the answer.

I can be involved in exciting products and developments and help other people and at the same time reek in this sweet awards. And I even do make some money with it. The trick is to fund projects there you get exclusive rewards. Most of these will allow you to opt for more than one bonus and usually, these are significantly cheaper and earlier than in retail. So what I do most of the time is fund 2-3 rewards, keep one for myself and later on a sell off the surplus, thus supporting even my reward and sometimes making a few bucks (the most plus was 200 Euros after cost).

There is something for everyone, from Boardgames and Tabletop games to movies artbooks, tech and everything else you can imagine.

In fact, a friend of mine I went to school with is doing a fascinating one:

Perspectives on the great war

He discovered a real treasure of pictures by a German officer including post cards and is trying to publish this. Although not the above-described range, it gives you another perspective on this as well. Historical documentation will be saved and provided for future generations.

I funded a plethora of things:

Tech stuff like adapters

A drone

Several Board Games

Several Tabletop Games

Even a Music for Cats project that was really worth its money according to my furry friends.

So what are you waiting on? Go and become an Entrepreneur, help people do something amazing, become part of it, and maybe even do your project funded by the lovely people from the Internet.
Also follow me on Kickstarter if you want.


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