Switching jobs in Ireland – Revenue issues.

Some may know I recently made a job move ( my 3rd switch ) in Ireland and as every time before I ran into issues with revenue here. It is usually easily sorted if you get to the point to sort it, that is.

However, anyone you’ll speak to here will either experienced himself issues or will have close friends and family members who’ll be able to drop a horror story on you.

But a little back story on the process here:

When you switch jobs, you’ll have to get a P45 form from you old employer. If your employer plays ball and is well organized this will usually be done with the next payroll calculation, and then another ten days (so two weeks) until you get your form. In the past, you then had to take your form and bring it to your new employer who then would provide it to revenue. This has now changed, the middle man got removed. So well done Ireland, you eliminated a third of bureaucracy here.

So the issue you could run in here is your old employer not caring. Just to be clear I did not have this issue, LinkedIn is perfect for taking care of their alumni, you get all sorts of perks, even if you leave. Great stuff.

So back to topic. Now you have to log into myrevenue.ie and change your employer there. So new process, me being German, I went ahead and entered my data asap, but I overread that they ask if you have received your P45, me being me, I thought no biggy I’ll add that later.

Huge mistake ( I should spell Huge here in capitals). So what happened was if they have not yet have received their part of the P45, (you now will only get the third page), they will not transfer the tax Credits.

So I ended up not having access yet to my payslip, being unknowingly taxed the max for my whole salary.

I called revenue, and after confirming some data, the very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly lady there transferred my tax credits.

So I’ll get my money with the next salary, there is no chance getting it earlier, and am stressed out.

The Irish state in the meantime gets a free credit at my expense…

There are worse stories, both experienced by me and by friends and colleagues, I do know people being taxed emergency for six or even seven months… And if a former employer is not as organized or doesn’t care about its alumni, it can get much messier.

So if you switch jobs in Ireland, push your old employer for your P45, and once you have it do call revenue, it might just save you from an almost heart attack.

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