Changing the World one byte at a time

So a few days ago at DocuSign, we celebrated the #newoffice in #Dublin with the monthly happy hour and had some cake.

It’s been some exciting and amazing six weeks since I started DocuSign and I met a lot of greatly inspired and inspiring  people here and in #Seattle at the #DiscoveringDocuSign and all that for a company which basic mission is going #paperless while providing an excellent and easy to use product to its customers.

I have been working the last five years for some great IT companies in Ireland and I am truly believing these can change the world for the better. This does include LinkedIn and SAP, and I am very thankful for those experiences and the great people I met there.

So you might be wondering why I am writing this article. The sole reason is I wanted to share my thoughts on the IT industry. Keep in mind this is from a European perspective, but almost all these companies are USA based or founded companies with the odd Chinese or European thrown in.

So why do I believe these are all changing the world for the better?

First of all, all of them connect us, if its Apple with their easy to use hardware, like the iPad or iPhone which allows even your 99-year-old grandma in her retirement home to Skype with her family or keep involved in discussions and connected to the world. Thus keeping her mind busy and through games active and alert. Or if its the 20-year-old vlogger who makes a career of youtube and being part of a new way of creating and consuming media or if its business-oriented products like LinkedIn with their economic graph and making employment more effective or DocuSign spearheading a faster and paperless approach too bureaucracy.

All these companies are helping us as humankind to evolve into a brighter and more productive future.

So this might sound a bit neoliberal, but fact is a lot of jobs will be soon automated, and not only production-related jobs. But even customer service, sales and development of software. By making more effective use of resources and enabling businesses and individuals there will be more for everyone in possibilities and free personal unfolding of talents available.

And this is nothing to be afraid off; we are witnessing a real revolution now. The old powers are losing the grip on information, and they are losing the control over creators. In the past artists, scientists and makers were dependent on rich and powerful people and not free to create on their own, either they were in need of physical resources or they were unable to gain an audience.

Nowadays you don’t need to print and distribute, you write on your laptop or tablet and upload it to the web either as a blog or as an e-book and everything else in between. Musicians can just upload and share their music. Photographers and filmmakers can upload their programs, thanks to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Youtube and all the other options we are also no longer bound by time restrictions, we can take in what information we want when we want.

Thanks to Ted Talks, LinkedIn Learning, TeamTreehouse and all the other resources we can learn and obtain skills and knowledge in our own time and permanently, we are no longer dependent on education from debt run universities influenced by people with political agendas.

We are moving now from the computer age into the informational age. And that is a good thing, yes there will be issues on the way but these will be sorted, and it is nothing new that new technologies and inventions will cannibalize older professions. Particularly in Europe there is a strong resentment, but this is caused by a society and politic looking on retaining the status quo, this stems from nations and countries having a history of several thousand years trying to preserve these. The US and especially the east coast is a young area in a historical context even for the US and much more driven by an invention and individual spirit.

In Europe you have this in Dublin, and the state is developing this, and yes this involve tax gifts, which Apple is fighting, but looking at the big Eu companies like the automotive and chemical businesses in France and Germany (after Brexit the UK is no longer worth mentioning here ) they also do not pay taxes. They even get much more money infused by the governments.

I for one am thankful and greatful to be a part, albeit a very small one, of this change and I am using it for myself as well. I am constantly learning and I am being creative in several ways.

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