What a Recruiter can do wrong from an Employees position and how to fix it.

Working in the It industry in Dublin, especially with sought after languages, in my personal Case Dutch and German, will bring all kinds of contacts from all sorts of recruiters with it.

Who doesn’t like to receive an email, LinkedIn Message or phone call which says we are this excellent company and we want you? Even if not looking it’s a nice ego boost and can help you decide on your next career step.  If you look in my LinkedIn contacts, you’ll see there are a plethora of recruiters. I have no issues accepting connection requests even if I am not interested at the moment, I might be later, or a Friend of mine would be.

I even regularly help people moving and finding jobs in Ireland. I try to keep up an updated CV, a completely up to date LinkedIn Profile and so on.

I do like speaking to people, and that does include recruiters I am quite open for a small chat, and I’ll reply nicely, I won’t hang up the phone or tell you to f**k off.

However I get so many messages from people who did not do any research, mostly they are from a company who kept an old out of date CV, sometimes I even provided different recruiters already with an up to date CV.  As an example If you make 45k + a very competitive Benefits package, you don’t want to receive offers with 25k a Year. You don’t want to receive offers which are vastly below your current position, this is a waste of time for both parties, and basically, it is insulting.  Why not throw my Name before contacting me in LinkedIn and check my profile there against the CV from 4 Years ago?

The other thing that can happen: You had a bad experience with a company in the past. In my case, I went through an extended interview process, and got told we’ll send you the contract, then three weeks nothing until I got the information they did not have the go from HQ even to open up the role. So I traveled took days off was looking forward to an exciting new position and role and in the end, all was for naught because the location did not do their homework. Which in itself would be bad enough but a year later I get contacted by the same company by a different recruiter with an offer from this company for a lower position. So I responded a bit tongue in cheek but not unfriendly with this story and letting them know I would be open for the first role but not for the lower one. I did not even receive a response, and this was one of the better Companies… Will I ever apply or consider this company again? Probably not. A simple email telling me they are sorry for my experience and making a note in their files about this would have been enough for me to show me that they can learn from this.


Other things I encountered myself or via other people is expecting someone to move countries without receiving the contract beforehand, which no one unless they want to work for this will do and if you are from Germany, you will also lose out on benefits from the welfare office. There are so many other companies that this will position you on the lower end, people might say yes to your offer, but if in between something else comes up they will leave your company without a second thought.

So please dear recruiters start doing a bit of homework it will set you up for future success as you will be much more probable to build lasting connections and its easy enough.

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