Almost two weeks with the New Apple Macbook Pro with Touchbar 15″​ Late 2016

Unfortunately again another repost of an earlier post on LinkedIn, I am currently up in the plane on my way back home from New York and then Seattle to Dublin So from tomorrow on there will be again daily new articles, I apologize for this.

Also who follows me on Facebook, will know there is currently an issue I encountered today, but Apple is eIxtremely helpful in resolving it, and the Laptop still does work.

I have mine now about two weeks (again as this a repost I do have it six weeks now). Except for the SSD, it is a fully specced 15″ model with Touchbar. For me the 256 GB SSD Harddrive is sufficient as I anyways put everything into the Cloud (Google, Eyefi, Amazon Prime, Office 365 und Dropbox), I have only those things on the MacBook with what I am currently working which includes a small Win10 partition. Here in Ireland is everywhere free Wifi. I have at my workplace an extremely fast Internet connection, home 250 Mbit and on the phone 4G with unlimited volume, therefore this is feasible, for on the road I will nevertheless still try to get a mobile 1 Tb SSD increase as a backup as soon as reasonable cases are available.

I paid comparatively little thanks to order on Black Friday at a dealer in the UK almost 1100 euro under Apple’s price, so I can not complain in the respect.

I have no battery or screen problems, as are sometimes reported as issues.

I find the keyboard very pleasant to type, with relatively large fingers.

The loudness is similar to my professionally used semi-mechanical Logitech G19 keyboard.

The connectivity is a topic in itself, yes it is annoying that the whole old periphery does not work easily, but the summary of the various partially more than 20 years old connections into one are worth the conversion. I can still remember how the people were all annoyed when the PS / two connections for the mouse and keyboard disappeared, there was not so much Internet then, but the outcry was similar. I have the already several times mentioned Kickstarter dock ordered and also risked the snapnator; we’ll see whether that arrives or is a fake.

About the touchbar:

Do you need it.? No, it is currently still a gimmick. Is it practical? Yes definitive. Does it ease up your workflow? Yes, under Apple programs. I’ve had a Thinkpad of Lenovo (comparable to processing, specs, and price with MacBooks) which already had a similar concept, but you had to switch between 3 different display modes, and the thing has always switched by itself, extremely annoying and completely impractical, none of the colleagues liked it, and almost all have then locked it to the function keys only to have to change it always to the brightness and volume manually. The touchbar is as opposed to this thought through and tailored to the individual programs The spelling error correction in Safari is great and I do not even miss my Numpad for the ASCII table.

My favorite feature is the Touch Id. In itself, nothing necessarily new in either laptops or Apple. But so practical. Wouldn’t miss it.

Do I want to miss the touchbar? No. Is it a sales argument for me? No, at least not yet. If more programmers utilize it and when it will also be active in Office 365, Chrome and Firefox, then it will be one.

Do I miss a touch screen? No, I do not want to touch on my laptop screen, as someone who does video and photo editing it is anyways complete nonsense.

Am I satisfied? Definitely yes. Would I buy it again? Yes. Also at the regular price? Yes.

Oh, color is space gray, I ordered on 25 November, delivery was on 12 January.

Accessories I have or have ordered:

Case: i-Blason because I’m traveling a lot, they are sturdy relatively inexpensive, and I also use the same brand with my iPhones to retain the resale value.

Dock: Kickstarter dock.

Mag adapter Snapnator, no notion whether this is real or a fake, otherwise I’ll just have to find an alternative.

One extra USB 3.1 to USB C adapter.

2 USB Micro on USB C adapter, overlooked the C on Amazon, but they were so cheap, returning them is not worthwhile.

1 Lightning on USBC cable for my iPhone 6s +, here I am a bit annoyed since it is a proprietary phone and the connection is the Apple standard connection with Apple Ipads and Iphones, here Apple in my opinion really should have provided a cable with the MacBooks. But only spend a 10er on a 3rd party product, and it looks the same as an Apple cable, therefore, I can cope with it.

Conclusion 9/10 points.

A point deduction for a missing lightning cable for Apple’s peripherals and the slower delivery/prioritization of contractors.

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