Some Money saving habits​.

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Me on Quora

  1. Start walking or cycling instead of Driving or paying for public transport; you will also be more fit so less prone to get sick.
  2. Stop -if you do it- or don’t smoke or drink, no other drugs as well.
    Start cooking for yourself from local and seasonal produce. Avoid pre-cooked and pre-prepared meals and ingredients.
  3. Grow your herbs and vegetables. This can be even done indoors or on your balcony.
  4. Don’t buy and shop cheap, try to buy a good quality product. It’ll save you money in the mid term and long term.
    Try to have enough money lying around so you can make use of offers to buy in bulk.
  5. Invest your money into secure values that will give you an effortless income. I.E. Buy and rent out houses/apartments. Don’t rent out to students or families with children. Try to rent out to professionals who work and have a steady income. Buy shares.
  6. Optimize your costs, i.e. get a decent internet connection and drop your cable subscription, get Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime instead.
  7. Switch all your light bulbs for LED. Seriously this will drop your electricity bill and save you a lot of money on maintenance, these things last you 25 years and even compared to normal energy saving bulbs they cut your electricity usage by a third. There are many good brands with “warm” light waves around as well.
  8. Use a laptop instead of a desktop and unplug devices you don’t use. In general try to buy devices which use little electricity, also this ties in with the next point.
  9. Charge your phone, Tablet, laptop at work instead of at home. However do make sure this is allowed by your workplace, some don’t mind especially if you have to use your mobile smartphone for work as well.
  10. Instead of wasting your time in movies and entertainment start learning and taking free classes on the various online course pages to qualify for better roles and advance your career. LinkedIn Learning and Lynda are great, but there are tons of other Offers around, even including Youtube.
  11. Make use of the benefits at your workplace. Use the Gym, use the free Snacks and Drinks if you have, if you can get reimbursements for a gym, studying or child or pet care make use of them, they are part of your salary after all.
  12. Instead had of throwing stuff away try selling it on your local listings page (craigslist, eBay, most countries or towns have a locally used equivalent), you will save potential refuse or garbage costs and will get money instead, even if it is little. The bonus is you’ll be more environmentally conscious.
  13. Do not go out for lunch, dinner, etc. instead cook in the evening if you do not get lunch by your employer. This will save you energy as you only cook once but get a meal you can heat up at work. Also, you can use your skills for Dating. In Germany, there is a saying: Liebe Geht durch den Magen, means Love goes through the stomach.

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